When Laid Off, Turn to SECU - Additional Resources

Information and Referral Program – Other organizations may be able to provide immediate assistance. Information on many of these organizations can be found through the Department of Health and Human Services. A list of Food Banks throughout North Carolina is available for immediate assistance.

Information for State Employees – The North Carolina Office of State Personal Reduction-In-Force site is specifically for all state employees involved by reduction-in-force. On this site you will find a Reduction-in-Force Resource Guide to Benefits, policies associated with reduction-in-force, and most importantly, advice from the Employee Assistance Program about how to cope with the disruption and uncertainty that reduction-in-force brings.

Making Ends Meet – Local communities and the state and federal governments provide a variety of services, tax credits and other programs to help families. Understanding how to access these programs and tax credits is especially important during challenging economic times. The Making Ends Meet guide outlines key public benefits and private services in three main areas: emergency services, basic monthly needs, and money matters.